3' Wood Expansion Gate Top of Stairs Rated

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036- J.P.M.A. certified and made in the U.S.A. It is one of the only expansion gates that is certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (J.P.M.A.) for "Top of Stairs" use. The gate easily latches and unlatches with one hand using heavy duty steel hardware. The gate is designed exclusively to prevent pinch points and choke points without a cumbersome plastic covering which greatly lengthens the collapse width when not in use; can create a launch point for animals to jump over; or can cause injury from chipped, broken or chewed off plastic parts.The slat pivot points are securely riveted and are designed to allow maximum expansion with "auto-stop" feature that prevent opening beyond recommended limits. The gate is mounted with a simple 4-Point Attachment kit that secures the gate to the desired opening or doorway. It can be mounted at any angle desired which allows self-storage against a wall when not in use. It is designed to swing over 270 degrees, on the hinge's bearing surface, and collapse to the industry's narrowest gate to allow unobstructed use of the opening or doorway when not in use. The gate also features an exclusive center-mount leg to keep the gate sturdy even when fully extended. It also includes a Sure Stop floor bracket to ensure the foot doesn't give way under pressure which is recommended in "Top of Stair" use.The gate is made of 100% American Hardwood (Poplar) and is unfinished to prevent allergic reactions in children and pets. It is "finish ready" for the consumer, if desired, and should be done only with a child/pet safe finish (specified on finish label). The gate is an excellent safety/security barrier for both baby and small children (12 to 24 months) and pets. It is recommended for a dog barrier by many major kennel clubs. The size is designed for all standard doorways. All hardware mounted gates come complete with easy mounting hardware. This gate is designed for pets and small children from 6 to 24 months. Use with openings (including uneven openings) from 21"-36"(W) X 32"(H). This gate collapses to 10.5" wide and also can be flushed to the wall when not in use. Find great prices on 3' Wood Expansion Gate Top of Stairs Rated and also other 3' Wood Expansion Gate Top of Stairs Rated deals on Shop. You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing

3' Wood Expansion Gate Top of Stairs Rated

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