Alluvial Swamp Series "Muddled Swamp" 20x20

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From his Alluvial Swamp Series, Austin Allen James brings us "Muddled Swamp." This watery abstract painting features washes of contrasting light and dark colors to create an ethereal glow. Subtle layers of moss green, aqua blue and white paint intertwine with shimmering gold and inky bronze tones to invite movement and lyricism to the piece. This mixed media painting on board is coated with a resin clear coat to preserve and enhance the complex layers of this one of a kind abstract. The glossy surface invites the viewer to experience the artwork "through a looking glass." This tranquil and meditative painting can easily serve as the foundation of a well appointed roomscape. Choose the "Muddled Swamp" style in the size of your choosing, with a 2" depth. Each painting is made to order as a one of a kind commission; inherent variations make each piece it's own unique treasure. Contact us for custom sizes, available at 1 dollar per square inch. Learn more about the artist in his feature as a Moss Manor 2014 Guest Curator. Ready to hang: galvanized D-ring mounting brackets included; recommended installing into a stud or wall anchors Alluvial Swamp Series Mixed Media on Board with Resin. Shown as 30" x 62 Austin Allen James, Lawrence & Crane, Inc., Houston, TX ONE OF A KIND - MADE TO ORDER: This item is part of our specialty collection. If you love a good deal, then you'll love the retail price on

Alluvial Swamp Series "Muddled Swamp" 20x20!

You have to form positive you'll get the most effective value by comparison

Alluvial Swamp Series "Muddled Swamp" 20x20.

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