Color Saturation Series "Juicer" 12x16

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From his Color Saturation Series, Austin Allen James brings us "Juicer." This energetic abstract painting features intense washes of orange and cobalt blue on a field of grayish white, with touches of metallic gold. A strong horizon line invites movement and lyricism to the piece, for which the artist is well known. This mixed media painting on board is coated with a resin clear coat to preserve and enhance the complex layers of this one of a kind abstract. The glossy surface invites the viewer to experience the artwork "through a looking glass." This colorful painting can easily serve as the foundation of a well appointed roomscape. Choose the "Juicer" style in the size of your choosing, with a 2" depth. Each painting is made to order as a one of a kind commission; inherent variations make each piece it's own unique treasure. Contact us for custom sizes, available at 1 dollar per square inch. Learn more about the artist in his feature as a Moss Manor 2014 Guest Curator. Ready to hang: galvanized D-ring mounting brackets included; recommended installing into a stud or wall anchors Color Saturation Series Mixed Media on Board with Resin. Shown as 8" x 8" x 3" Austin Allen James, Lawrence & Crane, Inc., Houston, TX ONE OF A KIND - MADE TO ORDER: This item is part of our specialty collection. We've shopped the web for you, pulling tons of styles, brands, and deals for

Color Saturation Series "Juicer" 12x16

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