"Coral Colony and Coral Fish" Aluminum Wall Art by Aluminyze 24x24

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Aluminum is the most vivid and robust medium available to display photography and artwork. The revolutionary process actually infuses the image into a sheet of aluminum producing a brilliant, durable and unique photographic print. *Amazingly vivid images: Aluminum is a perfectly smooth surface that reflects the images in high contrast with vibrant colors that pop in striking hi-res detail *Incredibly durable: Images are infused into the aluminum and specially coated making them ultra UV resistant, difficult to scratch, waterproof, easy to wipe clean and won't wrinkle or tear *Breathtaking Luminescence: The distinctive luster of the silver finish enhances images and artwork and is unique to aluminum *Includes pre-attached wall mount: Your Aluminyzed print is ready to display right out of the box with a 3/4" "floating wall mount." This provides your image with added depth and dimension for a modern look *Unlike generic aluminum prints Aluminyze art has no chips, bubbles or warps. Additionally, all have edge-to-edge prints, routed edges and safe corners-providing a cleaner, polished look. Find discount prices on "Coral Colony and Coral Fish" Aluminum Wall Art by Aluminyze 24x24 and also other "Coral Colony and Coral Fish" Aluminum Wall Art by Aluminyze 24x24 deals on Shop. You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing

"Coral Colony and Coral Fish" Aluminum Wall Art by Aluminyze 24x24

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