Floral Mug With Polka Dots Pink

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-Perfect gift for someone you love or you! The most beautiful mug to drink your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.One beautiful porcelain china mug. . Gorgeous hand built and sculpted from raw porcelain clay. Lovely dainty flowers adorn the handle and raised polka dots give the mug texture.Porcelain is light and strong! Food safe and only non-toxic food safe glaze used, porcelain high fired and vitrified. Can take the occasional trip through the dish washer- but hand washing is best.-Measurements: holds between 9-12 oz. of liquid and 3" inches tall and 5" wide to outside of handle.-Capacity: 10. 5 IN We've shopped the web for you, pulling a great deal of styles, brands, and deals for

Floral Mug With Polka Dots Pink

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