Longing For Paradise III Diptychon Original Mixed Media

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The longing for paradise is the longing for freedom from conflicts, suffering and deprivation. It is an eternal human dream of great emotional power. The dream of total happiness is embodied in almost all cultures as myth of paradise. This light and expressive landscape is full of positive vibes. It is 50 cm/19,68 in H x 100 cm/39,37 in W and 3,8 cm/1,57 in deep, 2 pieces. Street Art inspired you'll find "paradise" and handwritten on the painting. Painted on high quality canvas, edges are painted, so framing is not necessary. Signed on the front. Ready to hang. It will be sent to you with a certificate of authenticity. Find low prices on Longing For Paradise III Diptychon Original Mixed Media and other Longing For Paradise III Diptychon Original Mixed Media deals on Shop. You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing

Longing For Paradise III Diptychon Original Mixed Media

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