Reclaimed Wood Night Stand Walnut 18x18x24

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ARTLESS SQR might be the one line conceived in a eureka moment. One instant there was nothing, the next a clear and perfect design of what ARTLESS stands for; longevity, clarity, and structure. The solid wood envelope offers a structural and protective element, which frames and highlights the reclaimed wood of the drawers. ARTLESS still believes in ?less is more?. SQR helps expand ARTLESS' " indestructible" approach with dressers, nightstands, and a chest of drawers. ARTLESS SQR Night Stands are made of a 2" solid Walnut frame with a pair of recessed drawers. The drawers have a graphite-treated reclaimed wood face, which are recessed to highlight and protect them, while the ?? gap between them acts as a finger pull handle, also highlighting the unique nature of each drawer. The back of each piece is finished just as the front, and the gap allows you to run cables into the drawers for the easy charging. The drawers have easy closing mechanisms, and the back of the piece looks just like the front, ARTLESS finishes all sides of each piece. 2" Solid Walnut frame + graphite treated reclaimed wood + easy closing drawers + Oil rubbed finish - Made in Los Angeles - Individually built - Artless Cares package included - ARTLESS strives to keep the wood used in out products in its most natural state, solid wood may exhibit slight variations in color and texture - Signed, numbered, and made with pride We've shopped the internet for you, pulling a great deal of styles, brands, and deals for

Reclaimed Wood Night Stand Walnut 18x18x24

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