Replogle Four Square Frank Lloyd Wright Desktop Globe 12"

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The seemingly endless supply of creativity found in Frank Lloyd Wright's designs has earned him a reputation as an unparalleled American original in the architecture field. The ingenuity of his ideas spanned from the epic buildings themselves down to the minute details of the interior. The Replogle Four Square Frank Lloyd Wright Desktop Globe is a prime example of the architect's singular vision. Adapted from Wright's wooden vases in the Heritage Henredon Furniture collection Replogle's version is an adaptation from the original 1950's design. The 12 inch globe is held 20 inches high by its square styled walnut-finish hardwood stand. A brass colored metal piece comes out of the base holding the globe at its 23.5 degree tilt without help from a meridian.The design of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired base is complimented by the antique-style political map filled with current geographical information. The parchment colored oceans contrast with the multi-colored hues of the planet's nations. The Replogle brand's unique partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation has resulted in a series of globes that would have made the master architect proud. The Replogle Four Square Frank Lloyd Wright Desktop Globe is a sterling example of the artist's forward-thinking designs matched with the American manufacturer's brilliant cartography. Save money on

Replogle Four Square Frank Lloyd Wright Desktop Globe 12"

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