Replogle Mackie Desktop Globe 9"

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The boldly contemporary base of the Replogle Mackie Desktop Globe stands in striking contrast to the antique styled map. However it is the very juxtaposition of these two styles that gives this world globe its unique and original appeal. The 9 inch Replogle globe stands 13.5 inches tall with the base included. This model features three rubber-footed legs supporting a triple-ringed riser. Above that is an arched bar that serves as the world globe's semi-meridian. The painted black metal stand holds the sphere at a 23.5 degree tilt just like Earth.The decidedly modern flair of the base holds up against the nostalgically inspired globe. Featuring Replogle's "Classic Series" map the beige colored oceans are complimented by the multicolored patchwork of the landmasses' political divisions. The world globe contains a myriad of classical map characteristics like compass roses cartouches and ornamented legends. The Replogle Mackie Desktop Globe is small but fierce. A reasonably sized addition to your desktop tabletop bookshelf or coffee table this beautiful model is sure to mesmerize and impress passers-by Save cash on

Replogle Mackie Desktop Globe 9"

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