Teema White Dinnerware Milk Jar

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Designed by one of Iittala's most iconic design heroes, Kaj Franck, Teema is a versatile collection with endless combinations of shapes, sizes and colours. Capturing the essence of Scandinavian design thinking, each Teema piece is derived from three simple forms: circle, square and rectangle. It's what you use them for that makes them yours. As Kaj Franck put it, "Colour is the only decoration needed".Functional, durable and refined, Teema is the perfect tableware for every day use. Plates, platters, cups and bowls, each and every Teema piece is oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. So not only will they look beautiful on your dining table, but they'll make cooking, serving and clean-up a joy. We've shopped the web for you, pulling plenty of styles, brands, and deals for

Teema White Dinnerware Milk Jar

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