"Tuscany Pitigliano Medieval Village" Photo Metal Wall Art 28"x12"

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Bring contemporary abstraction to your home with this large 28Wx12H Metal wall art. This Tuscany Pitigliano Medieval Village Metal Artwork makes it the focal point of any room or office.-White gloss coating ensures colors are extra vibrant with light reflection.-Aluminum grade sheet metal with 1-inch mounting frame on the back giving the illusion that the artwork is floating on the wall.-Mounting brackets are included along with instructions.-High quality digital images are created directly into a glossy aluminum panel producing a stunning and captivating print into the glossy finish of the metal.-Water, fire and scratch resistant HD aluminum panels.-Looks better than any photo paper and guaranteed to last at least 20 years-Easy to clean with a microfiber cloth. Colors are far superior to regular canvas art.-Easy to hang Save cash on

"Tuscany Pitigliano Medieval Village" Photo Metal Wall Art 28"x12"

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